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Octopus watch is like an Apple Watch for your kids

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 15:14 | Категория: Mobile   


If your child is jealous of your fantastic Apple Watch, they should try Octopus watches for size.
This is a smartwatch made for children that looks charming like the Apple Watch, although smaller, more colorful and less expensive at $ 80 (converted, it's £ 65 and $ 110 Australian dollars). Best of all, his goal is to help children become independent and learn self-discipline.
Using the Octopus application on your Android or iPhone, you can schedule reminders of your kid's Octopus clock to turn lessons into a game.
When you plan an event or a task, it appears as a notification on the Octopus watch. After they have completed the task, they simply press the single-monitor button to clear the notification.
Meanwhile, you receive a warning also when your child crosses the work from the list, and it is here that the game takes place. The more tasks they complete, the more icon icons they receive. It depends on you, if you take it on the step with toys or ice cream.
And if they miss an assignment, you can sit down and talk about responsibility and accountability, or what you do when your child does not finish his job.

Designed for children 3 and above, Octopus watches also help teach the concept of time. It has three modes: one that relates time to tasks (for younger children), one that teaches how to read a digital clock, and one that teaches how to read an analog clock.
You can pre-order Octopus watches in red, blue, lemon, pink and dark gray. Although it is designed to look just like Apple Watch, its plastic design keeps it cheap. An optional night light in the form of Octopus, which also charges the watch, is available for $ 50.


Octopus watch is like an Apple Watch for your kids


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