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The presence of Netatmo: this security camera can detect that at the door

Опубликовано : 4-01-2018, 05:13 | Категория: Technology news   

The presence of Netatmo: this security camera can detect that at the door


Like other intelligent CCTV cameras, Netatmo Presence will stand by your door, acting as a faithful watchdog and sending alerts to your phone whenever it detects traffic occurring right in front of the house. Unlike them, he really can tell you that you have a person, pet or car behind the door, so you can skip watching the feed if the neighbor's cat is looking for shreds, as it happens every day.
Of course, you can also configure it to not send warnings when it's just animals that are discovered, which can be very useful when you try to reduce the number of notifications that your phone receives during the day (I mean, it can become Tiring). You can even determine in which areas of the camera coverage you need to send an alert, so you can turn off notifications about the presence of people in places that do not exactly place your home in any danger.
The presence of Netatmo is also equipped with built-in outdoor lighting, so you can easily lighten the front door at night to check who is actually at the door. If you prefer a horror movie about infrared cameras, it also has one, so you can turn off the searchlight to make everything look worse than it should be. Want to record footage? Insert the SD card slot into the Presence, and it will record any channel you want in 1080p, with everything that is stored locally, so there is no need to contact the company's servers. It is also easy to install with a form factor that is designed to simply replace any existing outdoor fixtures. Features include a weatherproof aluminum construction, up to 65 feet of detection and secure end-to-end encryption.
While there is no price, Netatmo Presence is planned to debut in the third quarter of this year.

The presence of Netatmo: this security camera can detect that at the door


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