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"Will" commented on the ban of Russian social networks and Internet resources

Опубликовано : 4-10-2017, 06:30 | Категория: Business news   

"Will" commented on the ban of Russian social networks and Internet resources


The process of implementing the ban on the part of the provider was called labor-intensive and resource-intensive.
The implementation of the president's decree on the introduction of new sanctions, in particular, the ban on access to the territory of Ukraine for the services of Mail.ru and social networks "VKontakte" and "Classmates" is a laborious and resource-intensive work, an intensive process. This was reported in the company "Will".
"This sanctioning decision has undoubted influence on the majority of the company's business processes, as well as on relations with subscribers, that is, it directly affects the company's relations with individuals and legal entities," the report says.
According to the message, the provider will need time to agree on further actions to implement this decree.
"The process of implementing the decree has already been accepted by specialists of technical and legal departments of the company. We carefully assess the risks and consequences, so it is too early to talk about the timing of the decree, "the company stressed.
As reported, today President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on imposing sanctions against Russia.
As indicated in the supplement to the president's decree, it was decided to prohibit Internet service providers from providing services for Internet users to access the resources of Mail.ru (www.mail.ru) and social networks Vkontakte (www.vk.com) and "Odnoklassniki" (www.ok.ru), as well as a number of services of the Russian portal yandex.ru and other Russian resources.
It is noted that the sanctions against Russian Internet resources are designed for three years.
GK Volia is managed by the private international investment company SigmaBleyzer and Providence Equity Partners. In addition to capital, where Volia-Cable is the largest provider of cable television services, it occupies a significant share in the market for Internet access services. The group is also present in more than 30 cities of the country, where it provides services under the brand "Will".

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