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Internet can double in price due to the blocking of Russian sites - IEA

Опубликовано : 4-10-2017, 06:29 | Категория: Technology news / Business news   

Internet can double in price due to the blocking of Russian sites - IEA


To block Russian websites, providers need to acquire new technologies. This will affect the cost of the Internet in Ukraine, which remains the cheapest in Europe. This was reported by the chairman of the Internet Association of Ukraine, Alexander Fedyenko.
According to him, an Internet network was built in Ukraine, when there was no need to control the content of traffic. Suppliers originally bought cheap equipment without content analyzers.
"The acquisition of new equipment will certainly affect the tariffs of operators, according to Russia's experience, tariffs have doubled, this equipment is purchased either in America or in Europe, rather than in hryvnia." To continue to exist, providers will have to spend the currency they do not earn, "- said the chairman of the Internet Association.
According to him, in connection with the decree of the National Security and Defense Council on the banning of Russian services and facilities, which was signed yesterday by President Petro Poroshenko, a redistribution of the communication market may occur. Small operators will not be able to purchase equipment to block sites and will buy traffic for large providers. And this traffic will be more expensive.
According to estimates of the Internet Association of Ukraine, providers will have to spend $ 1 billion on the purchase of technologies for traffic management. When re-equipping the systems it will take one to two years.
Recall that the ban is introduced for a period of three years. The decree lists sanctions against developers of Russian antiviruses Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Sc. Web, all the resources of Yandex, including "Search for movies", software developers ABBYY and 1C, Vkontakte, Mail.ru and Odnoklassnikov.

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