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Competitor Team Speak and Skype secretly attracted $ 50 million

Опубликовано : 4-10-2017, 06:16 | Категория: World news   

Competitor Team Speak and Skype secretly attracted $ 50 million


After launch Discord switched to the development of an application that is designed to replace for gamers the familiar command Speak and Skype, the company's affairs have risen noticeably on the hill. The same program was released in 2015 and is now very popular with fans of video games. And Discord itself attracts significant funds for the development of its product. Tech Crunch writes that the launch from San Francisco managed to secretly attract $ 50 million of investment.

To date, the Discord audience has 45 million registered users. For a year this figure has grown 4 times. Every day, 9 million people use chat and voice calls. Discord is gradually becoming a popular means of communication among gamers, and the company does not miss the chance to attract money for development, because at the moment there is definitely something that investors can boast of.

According to TechCrunch sources, Index Ventures conducted a round of financing, which amounted to approximately $ 50 million in a preliminary estimate of $ 725 million. The circle ended in January, but was not publicly disclosed. In addition to Index Ventures, Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Greylock Partners and Benchmark also participated in financing.

Our colleagues from TechCrunch were asked to give a comment from the startup representatives and received official confirmation: in fact, a round of financing was held, as announced by Discord CEO Jason Citron. He noted that he is proud of the success of the company and is pleased to see how Discord helps communicate between players, bringing this experience to a new level. He also assured that the investments will be directed to further development of the program.

A source familiar with the affairs of the company believes that in the near future Discord is likely to be able to attract financing again. According to him, this is due not only to the fact that the competitor TeamSpeak and Skype shows good results attracting investors, but also the fact that in the sphere of consumer services there is currently a lull. The absence of competitors in this sense plays into the hands of Discord.

However, despite the considerable success achieved by the company in a relatively short period of time (it was founded in 2012, before that it was engaged in the development of mobile games), Discord can not weaken the grip. The niche the startup tries to take is controlled by direct competitors in the person of the notorious TeamSpeak and Skype. The second of the services belongs to Microsoft and has a huge number of users around the world.

There are less obvious competitors, for example, such as Curse. This service, similar to the functionality of Discord, belongs to Twitch - bypassing the game streaming. You can not forget about Facebook, which openly demonstrates its ambitions in the market of chat rooms and communications for several years. This is logical, because the main business of the company is a social network, and not some, but the largest in the world.

However, having a lot of experience developing mobile games from Mr. Citron and an impressive investment with a large number of zeros in the check, Discord still has a good chance of competing with IT giants. The service has growth potential, and thanks to the gamer's focus service, it's easy to attract a part of the audience from its competitors. Well, if everything goes well, one should expect that someone from the mastodons of the industry will soon take the start-up in their hands, without waiting for the young company to jump into the high clouds.

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