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Chinese CNBM declares owning ten largest solar stations in Ukraine

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:23 | Категория: Business news   

The Chinese CNBM has completed the registration of ownership of the 10 largest solar power stations in Ukraine with a total installed capacity of 267 MW, and for various reasons this process took almost two years, the general director of Chinese CNBM New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. said. Junji Chen in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
Commenting on the latest news about the purchase of one of the Activ Solar-Neptune Solar companies, he specified that this was the last deal that registered the ownership of 10 solar power plants received for debts, while the rights to all the other nine stations were formalized earlier.
"In general, we invested about $ 1 billion in investments and financing, including in the form of commodity loans, more than 168 million euros were converted into the capital of 10 solar power plants." The acquisition of control over these assets was made in exchange for the repayment of irrevocable and outstanding debt for this amount for commodity transactions for the supply of equipment, "Chen said.
The General Director noted that since 2011 the Chinese company has been operating on the Ukrainian energy market. For the period 2012-2013. Before it was created multi-million debt, and in the aftermath of the crisis, this problem was resolved only in 2014, when the stations were transferred to repay the debt.
Chen noted that CNBM had obtained permission from all regulators of the PRC and Ukraine, including the Antimonopoly Committee's permission, and information that he is the owner of Ukrainian companies, is available in open registries.
He also explained that CNBM fulfills all obligations of the bought companies to Ukrainian banks in the framework of servicing loans, including in the state Oschadbank.
As for the size of the tariff, which many deputies and market participants consider too high, the head of the Chinese company noted that such a tariff guaranteed an acceptable return for investors at the prices for equipment that was at the time of construction.

"In 2011-2012, the cost of equipment was three times higher than now, so the valuation five years ago based on their current market price is completely wrong," Chen said.
Commenting on the information that in other countries the "green" tariffs decreased over time, he noted that such a decrease was known to investors in advance, and they could plan their activities.
"And, on the other hand, the tariffs did not decrease for already constructed facilities, that is, retrospectively," CNBM New Energy Engineering added.
Statements by some politicians about the alleged link between the Chinese CNBM and Ukrainian oligarchs, in particular the former head of the presidential administration and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andrei Klyuev, Chen, called an attempt to deceive the regulatory bodies and the public and justify discriminatory actions against the company.
"Relations with the oligarchs?" "We are a state-owned company and are responsible for public investment, and we do not work with individuals, especially oligarchs - only with companies that have passed all the approval procedures in our group," he said.
As previously reported, earlier AMCU authorized the Chinese CNBM to buy several solar power plants built by Activ Solar.
Currently, the Verkhovna Rada is considering bills No. 5129 and No. 3447, which are expected to prolong the reduced tariff for already commissioned large solar power plants with a capacity of more than 10 MW for the entire period of the stimulating tariff - until 2030,
The Chinese National Building Material Group (CNBM), one of the largest public corporations of the People's Republic of China, was founded in 1984 and is directly controlled by the State Control Committee of the State Council of China. CNBM is among the 500 largest Fortune Global companies in the world with annual revenues of more than $ 31.71 billion.
The group is the world's largest producer of cement, plasterboard and fiberglass, and one of the world's leading manufacturers of renewable energy equipment - solar panels and windblades. The business group also includes trade in coal, steel, timber, construction equipment, machinery, mineral products, etc.
In Ukraine, CNBM owns 10 SES with a total installed capacity of 267.02 MW, which, according to the company, is more than 60% of the total installed capacity of the SES of the country. In particular, in the Odessa region it is OOO Priozernoe 1 and Priozernoye 2 (Kiliya) with a capacity of 27.36 MW and 27.4 MW, Liman Energy 1 and Limanskaya Energy 2 (Reni) with a capacity of 21 39 MW and 21.98 MW, Dunaiskaya SES-1 LLC (Dolinovka Village, Artsiz Region) and Dunaiskaya SES-2 LLC (Pavlovka Village, Artsiz Region) with a capacity of 21.52 MW and 21.62 MW, OOO Franco -Solay "and LLC" Franco Peavy "(Starokazachi, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district) with a capacity of 21.18 MW

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