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The volume of transactions in the leasing market in 2017 will continue to grow at

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:22 | Категория: Business news   

The volume of new business of Belarusian leasing companies amounted to BYR 756.4 million at the end of 2016 and increased by 16.4% compared to 2015, the Association of Lessors reported. One of the main factors of growth was the increase in the volume of transactions with cars. The share of cars in the total value of items leased last year rose to 30.5% (+10 pp). In many respects such growth was provided by the activity of individuals.

According to car dealership estimates, for the incomplete four months of this year the number of cars sold to individuals in car leasing continues to grow, as well as their share in total sales: for individual brands, this share is 40-60%. And although this is the main factor in the growth and sales of the dealer, as well as the leasing market this year.

According to the Association of Lessors, over the past year the number of leasing contracts for cars with citizens has increased three-fold compared to 2015. In the leasing of individuals, 3,455 cars were handed over for a total of 82.5 million, while in 2015 only 1 106 cars were handed over to 24.8 million BYN.

"This year the segment of automobile leasing for individuals will continue to develop actively, and for this there are a number of reasons," - explains the head of the NBK on non-banking operations Dmitry Nabzdorov. "This, for example, is a flexible payment schedule, and there is no need for additional security, since the car remains in the ownership of the leasing company for full debt repayment. In addition, the lessee has the opportunity to save money when signing contracts Hull: tariff for CASCO when registering a The amount of money and buying a car for leasing can differ by 1% of the cost of the car per year. And this is also money. "

As dealers explain, buying a car for leasing allows you to model your budget and flexibly plan future expenses. In addition, dealers who work in partnership programs with leasing companies, take up the initial package of documents and provide registration.

The competitive advantage of leasing companies last year was the possibility of forming pseudo-currency programs for car buyers, the cost of which was lower than the cost of ruble car loans. In the current year, due to the stabilization of the national currency, the demand for leasing in rubles is growing. At the same time, leasing companies should improve their offers in connection with the growth of competition.

"The competition in the car segment has grown significantly, which is especially noticeable when car sales on the pieces do not increase significantly, and the average transaction check decreases - the corporate business and the physicist shifted demand from the average price segment to budget cars," said Andrei Kochergin, director of RESO-Belleasing.

He expects an increase in the number of players in the car segment this year. Interest of leasing companies to cars is connected not only with the growth of leasing transactions. Today, cars remain the most liquid asset for leasing operators, and in case of insolvency of a lessee it is much easier to introduce a vehicle on a secondary one than, for example, a car manufactured for a particular product, explains the director of RESO-Belleasing.

"The share of cars and commercial vehicles in our company's portfolio reaches 80% today. This specialization allows us to be well-oriented in our market segment and to receive preferences from importers, making the most profitable offers for customers. In addition, we do not have to transfer risks from operations with illiquid assets to lessees of cars, "says A. Kochergin.

In total for the last year, the total value of leasing contracts by companies included in the register of the National Bank amounted to 1 111.5 million rubles. Of which 21.8% accounted for contracts with individuals. Although in 2015 this share was only 5.9%. At the same time, the number of consumer leasing contracts increased 4.7-fold - from 29,988 in 2015 to 140,289 in the past.

In addition to cars, other leasing items, such as durable goods (mainly household appliances), provided such a significant growth in operations in the consumer leasing segment. In 2016, the value of such goods leased in leasing increased almost 6 times compared to 2015 - up to 59.3 million BYN. These statistics show that leasing companies offered the population a worthy alternative to bank crediting of durable goods. In the current year, the number of leasing deals with durable goods is likely to continue to grow.

But the share of contracts with legal entities in the total volume of all leasing contracts (based on their value) decreased over the past year from 94.1% to 78.2%. The growth of leasing transactions with legal entities significantly hampers the reduction of investment activity of economic entities. This affected even the growing and largest segment of the leasing market at the moment - l

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