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Intel 8th Generation Core Series Launched With 'Kaby Lake Refresh' CPUs for Laptops

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:20 | Категория: Technology news   

The 8th generation will include several architectures at 14 nm and 10 nm
KBL-Refresh claims that 40 percent more performance than Kaby Lake
Only four models of the processor are running, they are all designed for mainstream notebooks
We already know for a long time that Intel will supply more than one processor architecture under the Core brand of the 8th generation. We are expecting a fourth generation 14-nm codenamed Coffee Lake this year and a multitasking Cannonlake 10 nm generation in early 2018, but now it turns out that the third architecture will be slaughtered in the eighth generation. Simply called Kaby Lake Refresh, this will be the basis of the U-series processors of the 8th generation, which are focused on conventional and thin laptops.

Two weeks ago, Intel announced that the first 8th generation Core processors will begin today at 8:30 pm IST, and although the code name "Coffee Lake" was not specifically raised, it was widely expected that these would be the first models from the Gate. Nevertheless, Intel decided to publish Refresh Kaby Lake Refresh a few hours before the scheduled event.

Announced four new 15-processor U-series for notebooks: Core i7-8650U, Core i7-8550U, Core i5-8350U and Core i5-8250U. While Kaby Lake Refresh is not a new new architecture, Intel promises a 40 percent improvement in performance compared to the 7th generation and up to 200 percent compared to the five-year-old machine. The most important reason for this is the doubling of the number of cores from two to four, while actual improvements in design and production contribute less.

Base speeds range from 1.6 GHz to 1.9 GHz, and acceleration ranges from 3.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz. The cache size also doubles, up to 6 MB on Core i5 processors and 8 MB on Core i7. Hyper-Threading remains exclusive for Core i7 models. The integrated graphics processor is now called Intel UHD Graphics 620 and has not changed completely compared to Kaby Lake, except for changing the name from HD to UHD to reflect its capabilities. The graphics processors Core i5 work at a speed of 1.1 GHz, and the Core i7 models with a frequency of 1.15 GHz.

According to Intel, users can expect up to 10 hours of playback of 4K video for a fee on a laptop running on one of these processors, as tested with a 70WHr battery and Windows 10. The company also says that tasks such as editing photos and rendering video up to 48 % and 14.7% faster on these processors compared to previous generations. However, the main goal will be people who are upgrading from laptops that are already several years old. The company also takes advantage of modern experience, such as Windows Hello authentication, voice interaction, for example, with the Cortana assistant, and the input of a stylus that will not work on an older device.

Intel expects that 145 notebook models with four new processors will be available during the holiday shopping season this year. There is no information about how the rest of the eighth generation will form, except that desktop processors will begin this fall. While it is not known how Coffee Lake will diffuse from Kaby Lake Refresh, it is likely that the main indicator will increase in all directions, both because of energy efficiency and because of competition from the AMD Ryzen series. It is also likely that Intel will retain its 10-nm process for ultra-low power chips without Y-series fans.

First attack the main segment of laptops - an interesting choice for Intel. Previous generations focused on the Y series models for ultra-light fanless tablets and 2-in-1 or S-series models for desktop computers. The release of these four processors under the banner of the 8th generation allows Intel to target customers during the busy shopping season in the US.

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