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Parasitic robot system for waypoint navigation of turtle

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:17 | Категория: Technology news   


The KAIST research team presented a hybrid interaction of robot animals called a "parasitic robotic system" that mimics the relationship of nature between parasites and the host.

The research team, headed by Professor Phil-Seung Lee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, took the locomotive ability of the animal to apply the theory of using the robot as a parasite. The robot is attached to the host animal in a manner similar to the actual parasite, and it interacts with the host through certain devices and algorithms.
Even with remarkable technological advances, robots operating under difficult and harsh conditions still have serious limitations when moving and recharging. Nevertheless, millions of years of evolution led to the fact that there were many real animals capable of excellent movement and survival in a natural environment.
Some types of real parasites can manipulate the behavior of the host to increase the likelihood of its own reproduction. Similarly, in the proposed concept of a "parasitic robot", specific behavior is induced by a parasitic robot in its host to benefit the robot.
The team chose the turtle as its first host animal and developed a parasitic robot that can perform "stimulus-response training". A parasitic robot attached to a turtle can trigger the behavior of tracking turtle objects through repeated training.
Then the robot simply directs it with the help of LEDs and feeds them as a reward for the fact that it is routed in the desired direction with the help of a programmed algorithm. After a five-week training session, the parasitic robot can successfully monitor the direction of movement of the host turtle in the task of navigating the point in the water tank.
This hybrid system of interaction with animals and robots can provide an alternative solution to the limitations of conventional mobile robotic systems in various areas. PhD. candidate Dai-Kin Kim, the first author of this study, said that there are many species of animals, including mice, birds and fish that could work equally in such tasks. He said that in the future this system will be applied to various reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions, which people and robots make it difficult on their own.
Kim said, "This hybrid system for interacting with animals and robots can provide an alternative solution to the limitations of conventional mobile robotic systems in various areas and can also serve as a useful interaction system for behavioral sciences."
from: phys.org

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