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Dell's Newest Computer Is a Worthy Microsoft Surface Rival

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:08 | Категория: Technology news   

Tech companies have been making computers for a long time, which are pulling a double fee for both tablets and laptops. But only recently they have become powerful and subtle enough to really be worth using. Microsoft's Surface model is an excellent example of a category, but companies like Lenovo, Acer and HP also do so-called "2-in-1."
Now Dell wants to challenge those companies with hybrid devices launched this year. Among the most promising Dell machines is its upcoming Latitude 7285, which includes an impressive screen and works with a keyboard that is actually strong enough to play a dedicated laptop. The border around the display of the Latitude 7285 is also noticeably thin, as is the thin frame on Dell XPS laptops. As in the case of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Dell's laptop tablet includes a stylus.
Although Dell promotes the Latitude 7285 as a commercial device, anyone can purchase it on the company's website when it launches in May.
After only a few minutes with Latitude, I immediately noticed how strong his keyboard was. The key journey was also very deep, providing higher feedback than most keyboard accessories, including from Microsoft and Apple. (However, those rival keyboard applications are thinner and portable, which makes it easy to move Surface Pro or iPad Pro to a small backpack or wallet.) Dell offers its own keyboard accessory in two versions: a standard model or a slightly thicker version with a battery, which the company claims will add up to four extra hours of power.
There are several other key ways that the Latitude 7285 and Surface Pro 4 differ. The Latitude 7285 is slightly sharper (2,880 x 1,920 versus 2,736 x 1,824), and Dell offers additional services for IT professionals. For example, Latitude will be available in a configuration that includes an Intel Core i vPro processor that includes additional security features for corporate use. The Dell tablet also runs on the new Intel Core i processors of the seventh generation compared to the six generations of Intel chips that are currently on the Microsoft device. Support for USB-C Latitude also guarantees the future of the tablet, as more and more companies create accessories designed for this port, although some may find the USB slot of Surface Pro 4 USB more convenient at the moment. Everyone said that the Latitude 7285 Dell seems most suitable for those who primarily want to use a laptop while sitting on a desk, and also has the flexibility and mobility that the tablet provides. Meanwhile, Microsoft, as a rule, makes its debut on new Surface devices in October.
from: time.com

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