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Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Control a Giant Mech Robot

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:08 | Категория: Technology news   

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos had to survive every 6-year-old fantasies when he gained control of a giant robotic mechanic.

The Verge reports that Bezos tested a robot measuring 13 feet (4 meters) 5 days ago (March 19) at a private conference of the company "Machine Science, Home Automation, Robotics and Space Research" (MARS). The bot video, developed by Hankook Mirae Technology in South Korea, first appeared in December in commercials. Live Science was skeptical about the existence and functionality of the robot at the time.

But the new video shows that the robot does exist. However, it is far from clear how much fur (a term for manned humanoid robots) really can do. Bezos clings to the weapon, using the controls in the cockpit of the robot's body, but the robot does not take any steps and is tied to the ceiling, for security reasons.

Giant fur

The robot also does not see anything in the video, which is noteworthy, because its developers say that one of their goals is to create manned robots for real jobs, such as cleaning the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was damaged in 2011 when a massive earthquake and tsunami. So far, none of the frames in the mechanism has shown that it manipulates objects. A massive bot also works on an external force, which means that until now it could not work unobtrusively. Such restrictions could be overcome. Robotics have already developed robots that can move across rough terrain, including the frightening "Big Dog" Boston Dynamics and the bipedal humanoid robot Atlas. The Atlas can open doors, lift boxes and even by itself when pressed and operates with an internal power source. These bots are much smaller than the giant fur Hankook Mirae is trying to develop, however, and do not represent the same security problems as the manned robot. According to the site Hankook Mirae, a mechanic-mechanic nicknamed Method 2 weighs not less than 1.6 tons.

Sci-fi fantasy

The designer associated with Hankook Mirae, Vitaly Bulgarov, told Live Science in December that the giant fur has been under development for several years and is a prototype designed to demonstrate specific technologies such as the human-machine interface that controls the weapon.

In this case, fur can never be used for more than demonstration purposes, while the individual technologies used to create it can be redirected to more practical projects.

Whatever the ultimate function of the robot, it certainly fits into the human fantasies of what robots should be. Mechs like method 2 appear in the 2009 films Avatar, as well as in Star Soldiers (1997) and Pacific Rim (2013). The character of Ripley (played by actress Sigourney Weaver) also uses one in the classic sci-fi film "Aliens" (1986), which Bezos mentioned during his journey on method 2.

from: livescience.com

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