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Robotic Arm Turns Your Digital Doodles into Good Old-Fashioned Sketches

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 16:04 | Категория: Technology news   

A small robotic arm can bring your digital sketches to life, by re-creating your drawings on the screen using the pen and paper.
A robotic arm for drawing was developed by a group of researchers who combined their knowledge in the field of kinetic art, drawing machines and microprocessor microprocessors connected to the Internet to develop ideas. The hand, called Line-us, simulates the movement of the user's drawing to recreate a digital sketch with pen and paper, connecting to the application via Wi-Fi.
In fact, the machine was designed to be a player for people, "said Robert Paul, a technologist and co-founder of Line-us.
"We wanted to create a product that was interesting and interesting, not something that solved a particular problem or fulfilled a certain need," said Gollis in an interview with Live Science. "Our hope is that Line-us encourages people to draw and draw, and also to find new and creative ways to use it to do things that we did not think about."
Line-us is looking for funding through the Kickstarter campaign, but the project has already surpassed its funding target of $ 48,469, attracting almost $ 27,000 on February 27 and is now preparing for production. The poll said that there is a lot of work related to the transition from working prototypes to a product that can be manufactured, but the researchers are preparing for the October release of the first 1,000 units for their sponsors.
In addition to the robotic manipulator, the Line-us application adds one more level of innovation to the project. The researchers developed the application as an "open platform" so that users could build on the foundation of the Line-us project.
"You can write your own software or even hardware to work with Line-us," the Secretary said. "We hope to create a community that will develop interesting and new ways of using Line-us. We had quite a lot of questions from people who want to "crack" Line-us already, so we are very happy to see what they are doing. "
Line-us is designed to work on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android smartphones, as well as on Mac computers and PCs. The researchers said that you can use the stylus or fingers to make drawings that the robotic arm will imitate. According to the researchers, when they are available commercially, the robot will cost about $ 124 (99 pounds).
According to the Secretary of State, a large version of the graphic robot, or perhaps a completely new robot, may be in the future Line-us. Researchers also thought through ideas for "accessories" for the current version of the drawing robot.
"Maybe we'll create someone ourselves or maybe publish plans so that people can create their own," Paul said. "We will not know in what direction we will strive until we see what people are doing with the first batch of cars. However, we look forward to learning. "
from: livescience.com

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