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Are You Paranoid Enough For Netatmo's Outdoor Nanny Cam?

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 15:38 | Категория: Technology news   


Do you need eyes on the front door at any time so as not to crack the burglar to your doorstep? (Or at least to make sure your dog does not run away?) Netatmo has a new camera for nannies to keep tabs on her.

Unsurpassed, Internet-connected security cameras are not new, but despite the fact that the indoor market is more or less cornered by Google's Nestcam, the outside of your home remains a more unexplored border.

In many ways, the new Netatmo presence camera is the external evolution of the indoor welcome camera that the company introduced last year. The coolest feature is the camera's ability to recognize people and distinguish between known and trusted persons and strangers. The presence camera also does not just detect people. His brain can also recognize cars and pets.
The camera is connected to the Internet and sends push notifications to your smartphone, warning you that a person, a dog or a vehicle has been found. The Visibility of the Presence is defined in the zones, so you only get notifications if you say if there is traffic in a certain area where you park your Porsche.

The camera shoots Full HD video, which is recorded on a microSD card and then can be automatically downloaded to a personal FTP server. It has a field of view of 100 degrees and can see up to 65 feet. This is reasonable lighting.

However, no one should rely on this type of security camera for real security. The presence will not make your dog dig a hole in the backyard, much less hack into the back door. But for a small piece of your mind, when you are on vacation (or something else), a nanny is an understandable waste.

One thing that will definitely keep you safe? Presence is motion-sensitive night light. At least you will not go on the garden hose after a long working day.

The presence is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2016, so this year it will not be a lord over your house during the summer holidays.

source: gizmodo.com

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