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Passenger drone gets permission for US flight tests

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 15:37 | Категория: Technology news   

Do not be surprised if you see a very large, very unusual rumble flying through the sky of Nevada. The Institute of Autonomous Systems of the State granted China the permission of EHang to test a flight passenger 184 beeps this year. In addition to providing a basic permit, this step will also have an Institute that creates criteria that show the airworthiness of an autonomous single passenger to the Federal Aviation Administration. It is not known where 184 will fly, although sometimes limited airspace is required. Then Ehang does not just fly into a deserted desert.

The desire of Nevada makes sense considering the economy, focused on tourism. Mark Barker of the Institute tells the Las Vegas magazine review that he expects a day when "unmanned taxis" are an everyday part of the transport system. The state sees a time when you can jump in a robotic vehicle that flies right into the casino, and not into a car that must fight traffic and less intuitive streets. The more manufacturers of drones get, the more temptations you can visit this out-of-band attraction, which otherwise would not be available.

source: autoblog.com

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