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Apple AirPods: Customers Still Have To Wait 6 Weeks If They Order A New One

Опубликовано : 1-09-2017, 15:19 | Категория: Mobile   


Innovative Apple's AirPods have been in high demand since the release in December 2016. Since the release of the wireless earpiece, Apple has made it clear that AirPods will be available in limited quantities, as production has been limited.
Soon after its release, AirPods were sold out, as they became extremely popular among users. Apple has not been able to meet demand, and, as reported, in the near future more stores will arrive.
However, it seems that even after two months of its release, Apple was unable to meet the high consumer demand for AirPods.
The company's website says that if one pair is ordered, it takes about six weeks for the buyer to deliver this pair. It seems very long to wait for an accessory.
Why such a high demand?
AirPods have gained great popularity among users, because it boasts some modern technologies that have not been seen in previous headphones.
The AirPods have sensors that can detect when wireless headphones are inserted into the user's ears, and start and stop the music playback depending on it. A simple double click on the headphones triggers Siri, which can then be used to make and receive calls, manage music and even pave everyone when using AirPods.

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The AirPods has a wireless W1 chip that allows you to wirelessly connect headphones with Bluetooth.
The battery life of AirPods is also impressive. When fully charged, headphones can play music for more than five hours. The case for AirPods itself serves as a charging station for headphones, which allows you to quickly charge, even if the charge ends.
This is the popularity of AirPods, which is reported to have a 26 percent share in the headphone market, despite the lack of resources.
Order AirPods
Right now, if you order a pair of AirPods for $ 159, you will have to wait six weeks or more before you get them in your hands.
Many users would feel that this is a long window. Consumers hoped that Apple would find ways to shorten the delivery time and maximize its productivity, so that consumers could buy them faster.
Those who do not mind waiting six weeks for AirPods to go can order headphones.
Source: techtimes.com

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