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Microsoft at the Bett 2017 education technology conference in London has announced new budget Windows 10 laptops starting at
Комментариев: 9   Дата: 04.01.18
Holy drone, Batman! Mechanical masterminds have spawned the Bat Bot, a soaring, sweeping and diving robot that may eventually fly
Комментариев: 1   Дата: 04.01.18
Remember netbooks? They were nice, they were comfortable, and they were largely inadequate, the latter being the reason for their
Комментариев: 0   Дата: 04.01.18
Most stud finders ring out a beeping sound when they detect a stud behind the drywall. Problem is, they leave everything else up
Комментариев: 11   Дата: 04.01.18
   The introduction of a high speed HD EX-SDI dome camera that produces crystal clear High Definition Images at up to
Комментариев: 0   Дата: 04.01.18
Remember when security cameras just recorded a video that you can watch later? Yes, that's not all they do. And they are
Комментариев: 0   Дата: 04.01.18
Modern solutions for smart locks are available in two versions: either they modify your existing bolts, or completely replace
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Camera for internal or external surveillance ClearView HD1-B50 allows you to monitor your home or office, indoors or outdoors.
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Bingeing on your favorite TV shows into the wee hours is fine and all if you live alone. If you don’t, doing so with the volume
Комментариев: 0   Дата: 04.01.18
Yes, there are cheap options for wood-burning ovens now. If you’d rather get more mileage out of that large grill you have in the
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